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Adolf Hitler

Research Paper on Hitler and Stalin

❶Both emphasised leadership as a means of national unification to establish their total control. Adolf Hitler gains support by promising to overturn them.

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As a result of this constant pressure from his father, Hitler did extremely well in primary school and looked destined to become something great. Also, he was very popular with the other students and was portrayed as a great leader, even so young in life. He soon realized school was not as easy as he thought when told he was going to have to repeat a year during his middle school years.

This embarrassed Adolf very much and soon saw the respect of his classmates lessen, much like his grades had. Hitler then decided he wanted to become an artist, much to the dismay of his father, and after many arguments, they decided on Realschule, since it offered a drawing course.

Soon after this decision, his father died of a hemorrhage in Since their father worked as a customs official, the Hitler family received a nice pension and never really had to worry about money during this painful time. Hitler was able to cope with the loss of his father because of his mother's ability to spoil him.

Klara very much wanted to see her son succeed in school, but, like her husband, failed to keep Adolf's interest in school. After he failed so many times back home, Hitler decided to move to Vienna to try to gain entrance into a prestigious art school.

While living in Vienna, he developed his interest in politics as well as his hatred for Jews. Even though he had a few Jewish friends, Vienna was the center on anti-Semitism and Hitler feed off of this cities propaganda. During this time, his mother was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer.

Her treatment was being diagnosed by a Jewish doctor, Dr. Edward Bloch, who helped serve the poor. After getting rejected by both schools he applied for in Vienna, he then, soon after, had to cope with the loss of his mother approx.

December after she suffered more than she needed the Jewish doctor prescribed a rather expensive, dangerous drug which was no help. Hitler was much more distraught after the loss of his mother then of his father. Hitler loved her so much more that, still to this day, many claim that Hitler was clutching a picture of his mother when he died. Appeal to the lowest classes ensured that the masses supported their rule, as both realised that one of the central ideas to attaining power was through the lower classes.

Both used government to control and exercise power; Hitler , by legalising his actions, and Stalin , by using force. Propaganda and secret police ensured that, if indoctrination failed, then terror would reign supreme, instilling fear into the people and ensuring their control.

Part of elevating themselves to total power was their appeal to the lower classes. Because lower and middle classes made up the majority of Germany, and basically all of Russia, they reached the highest positions by appealing to the lowest classes.

Like Stalin, Hitler treated policies and tactics as matters, not of principle, but of expediency, the object of which was to gain support and win power. For example, the lower classes that had been absorbed into the Nazi party were seduced by the promise of the closing down of the big department stores and consumer co-operatives.

This was an attractive promise to the lower class because they were the smaller competition to these big businesses and they would benefit economically by their elimination as rivals. However, Hitler had no intention of doing this, but used its promise to gain support from the lower classes. Stalin wooed the lower classes of Russia to gain power.

He broadened the base of the Communist Party by insisting it had to recruit 50 more workers. This helped public perception that the party embraced the proletariat. Since the peasants lived in abject poverty, Stalin believed he could win them through promising economic and social reform through collectivisation. Collectivisation was the conversion of the individual farms and strips of land owned by the peasants into large collective farms. By appealing to the lower classes, each man attained support of their totalitarian dictatorships, which thus allowed them to elevate their power.

Both emphasised leadership as a means of national unification to establish their total control. Stalin created an ideology based on a perversion of communism. The building of such ideology, he preached, would enforce unity in Russia. Stalin took power by emphasising leadership to ensure the victory of the already established communist state.

He saw his mission as ending the centuries old backwardness of Russia and turning a peasant society into a modern industrialised one. Hitlerian Germany was based on the Fuhrerprinzip, visualizing the concentration of power in the hands of a leader, unlimited by any kind of constitutional or parliamentary control, with authority to direct the state. This is shown in Nazi rhetoric: Both Hitler and Stalin used their ideology to eliminate their rivals.

Shakes hands with the soldiers, farmers, and just normal citizens When you act, the nation acts. When you judge, the people judge. To us, you are the guarantor of peace!

What they talked about were all impressive achievements. Consider that those were all in a film of propaganda, those achievements were all presented to the people of Germany. The inspection was very impressive. And spades at ease! But it will instead bind us together. And, furthermore, no longer will it be the case in Germany, that physical labor will be seen as anything less than any other work… Because you embody the concept of fidelity for us, therefore we wish to be faithful.

We want to be one people , and through you, to become this people. And you must not allow these ideas to grow within you. We want to see one Reich! This idea should be especially appealing due to the social condition of Germany at that time of history.

We order the state! The state did not create us! Rather we created the state! First, it would be a party with a true ideology. And second, it would be, uncompromisingly, the one and only power in Germany. In this election speech made by Hitler in , several different opposing forces were presented. Those people all have opposing or at least different views and ideologies from the Nazis. In the speech, Hitler mocked the amount of parties that Germany had during that time period and attacked the idea of having different views.

He explains that only by combining the strength of a nation together. Apparently, the biggest opposing view against the Nazis was democracy, and because of democracy, those people formed different parties so that they can speak up and explain their own best interests and why their ideas can be good for Germany. Hitler, however, considers the very essential idea of them speaking up as wrong, not to mention their individual ideologies.

The Rise of Adolf Hitler. Thesis and Research Notes. Site owners William Xu. To understand why Hitler came to power, one must first understand the society of Germany at that time period: Please label your primary and secondary sources to make these clearer. Foundations of Economics, "The German Hyperinflation.

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January 27, Period 1 Research Paper: Adolf Hitler. Hitler is most commonly known for the unforgivable deeds that he committed in his lifetime. Those acts were terrible and left a scar on the world that can never be mended. However, Hitler did possess extreme brilliance/5(3).

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Research Papers words | (9 pages) | Preview The Death of Adolf Hitler - On 1 May, at in the evening, Hamburg radio warned the German people that "a grave and important announcement" was about to be made.

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Adolf Hitler and the Jews research papers explain why Hitler's hatred was always targeted toward the Jews. This is a topic suggestion on Adolf Hitler and the Jews from Paper Masters. Use this topic or order a custom research paper, written exactly how you need it to be. Adolf Hitler Research Paper This sample Adolf Hitler Research Paper is published for educational and informational purposes only. Free research papers are not written by our writers, they are contributed by users, so we are not responsible for the content of this free sample paper.

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Adolf Hitler term papers available at, the largest free term paper community. Research Paper On Adolf Hitler!! Adolf Hitler is a man that is well known throughout the world. Hitler was a man with big goals in life. What he wanted to do was create a nation that would be perfect and better than any other nation that there is in the world.